This $2,000 pizza topped with gold flakes is the most glam food that’s ever existed

When it comes to pizza, we thought we’d heaped ALL the praise upon those delicious slices, but we’re not done bragging on it just yet. As it turns out, we have even more glorious compliments because this $2,000 pizza topped with gold flakes is the most royal food of them all.

Clearly, this will cost you way more than one of those simple meals you make when you’re broke AF, so unless you want to severely reduce that list of things you always buy at the grocery store from maybe 15 items, to say, zero, you can probably get away with salivating over photos of this pizza until you have a spare $250 lying around for posh pizza-devouring purposes.

Right…so, from here on out, can we all agree to refer to this pizza as “Your Highness?” As Delish reports, New York’s Industry Kitchen serves the decadent pizza and with every slice, customers bite into a luxe combo of “fantail prawns, beluga caviar, lobster, white truffle oil, and 23-karat-gold flakes.”

Are our screen settings wonky or is this pizza glistening? Um, maybe that’s what expensive foods do. Anyway, we can’t discuss this fancy fare without getting into what exactly makes it so costly. Obviously, quality ingredients have a hefty price tag and it probably doesn’t help that every single culinary component of this pizza comes from overseas.

For example, the gold leaves come from Ecuador, the foie gras and truffles are from France, the cheese is from England, and the caviar is collected from the Caspian Sea. Damn it, this pizza better taste like heaven in food form because that is a TON of air travel for one meal.

So, a trip to NYC? No problem. We GOT this. Buying one of these pizzas? We’ll get back to you on that.