This t-shirt expresses exactly how we feel about pizza

There are so many pizza-themed shirts in this world, but don’t get me wrong — that is no way a complaint! It can just be a tad hard to decide which one to add to our wardrobes! While a gal can never have too many pizza shirts, narrowing down the choices can be a grueling task. Unless you want to make pizza shirts your official uniform, you’ll have to go for something that speaks to you.  

If you’re both a lover of pizza and a fan of vintage comics, this could be the t-shirt of your dreams! The adorable retro illustration on the tee depicts exactly how we feel about our favorite food. A woman is shown embracing the cheesy, pepperoni slice in a moment of TRUE LOVE! The cool thing about the brand HUMAN is you can customize the shirt any which way you wish, by style or color!

And forget working out in normal gym clothes again. They have a ton of pizza-themed tank tops that would be absolutely hilarious to wear while you’re in your spin class. If anything will make you pedal faster, it’s the promise of pizza at the end of the session. Um, doesn’t pizza have protein? It’s the perfect post-workout snack.

True Love Comics and Pizza Tee, $21

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(Product photos via LookHUMAN.)