New study on pizza confirms our long-held theory

This is SCIENCE, and let’s not take the time to argue with cold, hard facts, OK? According to new research that we can totally get behind, 63% of all pizza lovers out there have XX chromosomes—meaning that they are strong, smart, and beautiful women, just like me and you.

The folks at the Center for Generational Kinetics recently conducted a brand new study called, “Pizza Lovers in America 2015: Unexpected Findings From a Generational Look At Pizza Trends.” Already this is our favorite study to date, but it gets even better. They polled 1,004 adults, all of whom are self proclaimed “pizza lovers,” people who go out for pizza, order in pizza, and buy frozen pizza on a regular basis.

Crunching the numbers from the polled population, researchers discovered that 63% of all the pizza lovers were women. Yes, the ladies love their pizza the most.

And because we love it the most, we are going to Instagram images of pizza all day long. The thing is, when we’re not eating pizza, we’re thinking about pizza. The next study they do should focus solely on how often women think about pizza during the day, because my pizza daydreams sometimes push double digits.

The study also found that 41% of those pizza-loving women are millennials, 75% of all pizza lovers consider ‘za and a movie the perfect date, and 72% believe that “it’s totally acceptable to eat pizza for breakfast and dinner on the same day.” We’re assuming the other 28% just never tried the three-meal pizza experience.

So there you have it. Some brand new cheesy delicious pizza facts. You can check out the , and keep your pizza love burning bright.

(Image via MTV, Giphy/FOX)


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