We desperately want someone to give us “pizza roses” for Valentine’s Day

Pizza roses are a thing, and we need to have them. Well technically they weren’t really a thing until someone accidentally thought of the idea, but now they’re real and we need them. And since Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, that’s a completely reasonable request, right?

Here’s how our new favorite food group came into existence (pizza roses are totally probably a food group):

Josh Elkin, as he reported on Food Beast, wanted to score some extra points with his girlfriend. So he did what any thoughtful guy would do; he picked up a bouquet of flowers and her favorite food for dinner — pizza. His hands were full as he struggled to get the door to her apartment open, when the pizza and bouquet of flowers fell to the ground — intertwining as they landed. And at that very moment, he realized his perfect mistake.

“There I was — staring at the beautiful, sad mess…a f*cked up Picasso of pizza, hardwood flooring and roses,” Elkin wrote. “I looked around, my girl no where to be seen, and when I should have been fuming, inspiration had struck. How cool would it be to make roses out of PIZZA?!”

So for Valentine’s Day, one very lucky lady will be receiving pizza roses. And thanks to Elkin for sharing his story and how-to video, WE CAN ALL HAVE PIZZA ROSES TOO!

Here’s how to make them. Happy Valentine’s weekend, folks.

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