Here’s a rat carrying a slice of pizza. We kind of get it.

There’s really no way to lead into this, so here it is: there’s a video of a rat carrying a piece of pizza down some subway stairs in New York City. It’s not even a small piece of pizza, or just the crust. No, friends, it is a giant piece of pizza, uneaten and perfectly triangular, and this rat has claimed it as his (or her) own. This rat, lovingly now known as Pizza Rat, is living his best life.

The 15-second video, posted by Matt Little, shows our new hero, Pizza Rat, carrying his prized slice. Sure, some might be grossed out by the fact that 1). it’s a rat, and 2). he’s just wandering around the streets willy-nilly, but we say, YOU GO, PIZZA RAT. Because aren’t we all Pizza Rat, trying to do our best in life, and eat some pizza? Aren’t we all dragging the proverbial slice of pizza down some stairs?

Mid-way through PR’s pizza quest, he DROPS THE PIZZA. Probably startled by the fact that someone caught him in the act, and darts away. The pizza remains on the stairs. We can see Pizza Rat staring at the pizza, wondering if he can attempt to once again reclaim his former glory. Does he go back for it? DOES HE GET THE PIZZA? The world needs to know the end of this hero’s journey.

How is this not amazing? ANIMALS ARE AWESOME, even ones that live in the subway station and get a bad rap as being gross. Not you, Pizza Rat. You’ve got a place right here [points to heart].

Now, let’s let the speculation begin. Just who is Pizza Rat? As Little writes in his YouTube description, could this be Master Splinter taking pizza back to the Ninja Turtles? Is this Ratatouille 2: Lost In New York? Or is this just a rat, carrying a piece of pizza, asking it to love him?

Pizza Rat, so hot right now. Maybe he could team up with Left Shark and the two of them take their show on the road.

(Image via YouTube)