For a few brief hours, Pizza Rat Blvd was a thing

You remember Pizza Rat, right? Of course you do. Who could forget America’s valiant hero, the small rodent dragging a perfect piece of pizza three times its size down a flight of dingy outdoor stairs and straight into our hearts? Since going viral last month, Pizza Rat has pretty much overthrown Taylor Swift as spokesperson of New York City, inspiring t-shirts, bizarrely provocative Halloween costumes, and tattoos. On people’s actual bodies. Permanently.

It should have been no surprise to citizens of Brooklyn that a “Pizza Rat Blvd” sign appeared in Greenpoint on Thursday, seemingly replacing India Avenue.

However, Instagram quickly flooded with mixed reactions. Some rejoiced – finally, Pizza Rat was getting the recognition he (or she) deserves – but others questioned the legitimacy of naming a street after an Internet celebrity whose ancestors may have been responsible for spreading The Plague.

Within a few hours, it became clear that Pizza Rat Blvd was not here to stay; it was actually a prop for an episode of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, which was filming there for the afternoon. Kind of disappointing, especially since it means we won’t be seeing a Nyan Cat Avenue pop up anytime soon either.

New York Magazine reported that changing India Avenue to Pizza Rat Blvd is actually possible, if the community works together.

If that petition existed on the Internet, Pizza Rat Blvd lobbyists would have enough signatures in no time. Ah yes, I can see it now: Pizza Rat Blvd, where the streets are paved with cheese!

BRB, moving to Brooklyn so I can change my address to 123 Pizza Rat Blvd. Feel free to send me mail there.


The pizza rat is now a Halloween costume because of course it is

Here’s a rat carrying a slice of pizza. We kind of get it.

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