12 serious questions we have about pizza

Throughout history, great thinkers have never been afraid to ask the hard questions. Philosophical musings have long been fodder for debate and growth — If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there … And, Sir Patrick Stewart recently tweeted a thought-provoking (and appetizing) question that would make Captain Jean-Luc Picard very proud.

With Twitter divided on the sides of crust and no crust, Stewart received some intriguing responses. The pro-crust camp was fervently anti “pizza bones.” And pro-bones philosophized about fullness and cheese.

This hot debate left me pondering all things pizza, and raised even more questions about the cheesy goodness of a slice. Here are all of the important pizza questions we seriously need answered!

1. Why does pizza taste better at 2 a.m.? 

2. Where do giant pizzas this big come from?!

3. How is it that boiling, lava hot cheese is still so good/worth the risk of ruining all bites after the first? 

4. Does blotting your pizza with a napkin really do anything?

5. Why isn’t ALL crust stuffed? And, I’m not just talking pizzas, we could go pies, quiche, etc.?

6. Why is one slice never enough?

7. Can pizza in a cup be a real thing already?

8. Naan pizza, tortilla pizza, eggplant pizza … Can all foods be pizza? 

Why yes that is a Nutella s’more pizza.

9. Is this a pizza burger or burger pizza?

10. Why can’t people be honest beforehand at pizza parties so we don’t run out? 

If you know you can eat half a pizza, don’t tell me you’re not hungry and “may only eat like one slice!”

11. Anyone know the answer to this?

12. And finally, WHY IS PIZZA SO GOOD? WHY? WHY?

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