This pizza place refused to deliver a pizza as ordered, and it’s reigniting the pineapple debate

For whatever reason, pineapple on pizza is a pretty polarizing topic. It seems like one of those things that people should be able to peacefully disagree on, but when it comes to this topping, temperatures start to rise.

A couple of weeks ago, Twitter got into a pretty intense discussion after the President of Iceland took a hard stance on the pizza topping. But, despite pineapple being America’s 8th favorite topping, it’s come under fire once again.

This time, you can thank one Twitter user’s pizza place for bringing the fight to the forefront after they refused to deliver her pizza as ordered. false

“Couldn’t bring myself to put pineapple on it,” the cook wrote on the inside of the box, taping five dollars next to his message. “That’s gross. Sorry.”

We just have one thing to say.

But Twitter has a lot more to share on the subject. false false

And some are standing up for the pizza place.



Others don’t understand why we can’t all just band together.

Look, we don’t care whether you put tropical fruit on your pizza or prefer it fruit-free entirely. But infringing on someone else’s right to pineapple pizza? Now that’s just a step too far.

At the very least, we can all agree that pineapple pizza is better than this nonsense, right?


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