Keep your pizza money in the coolest piggy bank

Welcome to Pizza Power, where we celebrate our intense love for all things pizza. Because if you really want to show your love for pizza, you don’t just eat it—you wear it loud and proud. 

Confession: I had pizza again today. Just kidding, that’s no confession. As president of a renowned pizza club, it’s pretty much expected that I engage in that gluten-themed gluttony more often than not. Only thing is, I feel like it’s time I start a pizza fund. A personal pizza savings account might be going a TAD extra and a pizza GoFundMe page is an even crazier notion, So why not a pizza piggy bank? That way, if I have some extra change in my pocket or find a lucky one-dollar bill on the street, I can just throw it in my pizza bank! This will totally prevent my wallet from looking at me with a guilty face.

A pizza bank can’t be some ordinary piggy bank. No—it must be VERY special. And if possible, it must also resemble a pizza! Thankfully, those Etsy gods and goddesses must have been eavesdropping. This is an original, hand-painted pizza funds box. AND it’s in the shape of a heart! Obviously, it’s because they know how much we L-O-V-E that magical pie!!!

Pizza funds box, $31.50

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