Pizza on totally random objects, because it’s Monday

Some days we feel extra thankful that Instagram came into our lives — and today is definitely one of those days because it’s allowed us to a discover a new photo series we love.

Los Angeles-based photographer and director Jonpaul Douglass created Pizza in the Wild — our new favorite photo series involving pizza. The photos are vibrant, captivating, and they manage to make pizza pretty darn beautiful.

To create the pizza-fueled images, Douglass bought $5 pizzas from Little Caesars and captured the pizzas doing things outside in the wild that other pizzas have probably never attempted. He photographed pizza at a skate park, pizza riding a miniature horse, pizza on top of an army tank, pizza lounging in the sun.

Laughing Squid introduced us to Douglass’ Instagram page, where many of those pizza images live, and we can’t get enough. Mainly because we love looking at photos of pizza (not as much as we love eating pizza), but also because Douglass is a fantastic photographer with some really cool shots — not all pizza related. Pizza in the Wild is just one of many photo projects on his website and gram, but of course it’s probs our fave. Pizza.

We asked Douglass about his inspiration behind the project. “I was inspired by a pepperoni pizza tag on a graffiti wall I had seen while walking through the LA arts district one day,” he said. “I wish I knew the person who tagged it, I would love to buy them a slice.” We aren’t sure how Douglass managed to not eat his subject in its entirety, but somehow he made it work. “I did manage to eat my subject sometimes,” he told us. “Try sitting in your car with the windows up and a hot fresh pizza. I also ate many of them after I photographed them, or I would save them to use later. Sometimes I needed a stiff pizza so it would stand on its side.” No pizza left behind! That’s some will power we are pretty sure we wouldn’t have. Check out some of the super creative and cheesy (literal cheese) photos: Featured images via