Things we need: This pizza night light

Today in things we didn’t know we needed, but definitely DO need: a pizza night light. And you probably need it, too. Because what if you get up in the middle of the night and you’re super hungry, but don’t want to turn on the lights? Obviously a night light is the best solution. And since on your way to the kitchen, you’ll be walking right by the night light shaped like a slice of pizza on a paper plate, the only logical thing to do in your current state of hunger would be to either grab a slice of cold, delicious pizza out of the fridge or to order one. So basically this night light will always bring delicious pizza into your life.

Or if you just like having pizza nearby at all times, whether it’s edible or not, you can make that happen with this night light.

We give our blessing for any reason you may have for needing this. Because it’s a pizza night light.

The Pizza Night Light is designed by Steph Mantis and is available at kikkerland. It’s completely reasonably priced at $6, and it included a 7W bulb. But it doesn’t include toppings. Those are extra.