Everytime you look down you’re gonna want pizza

Attention my fellow pizza lovers: if you are kind and generous enough to invite a new pal or two over to your place for pizza night, you might want to let them know how serious you are about the best food in the entire world. Yes, you can be totally obvious and answer the door wearing your pizza suit from Halloween (you DID wear a pizza costume, didn’t you?), or choose a more subtle route — by decorating your house with pizza-themed decor. There’s no better way than to hit ‘em with the ‘za than when they first enter your humble abode. Say hello to this pizza-shaped doormat, otherwise known as the way in which you can use your interior decorating skills to announce your forever fandom for this fine food.

Made from fabric and rubber in the USA, this realistic-looking pepperoni pizza doormat from TastemakerLA will bring a smile to the faces of those who ring your doorbell. Your new friends will be impressed by your commitment to pizza, you might inspire your mailman to grab a magnificent slice for lunch and last, but not least, you might just put a smile on the face of your favorite pizza delivery person. If you’re like, “Wait, I don’t want to wipe my feet on pizza, how sacrilege!” Do not fret my friend. The doormat is easy to clean with soap, water and a sponge.

Pizza doormat, $50

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(Product photos via Etsy.)

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