This pizza place’s slices are so magical that they make pregnant women go into labor

For some women, it can take forever to go into labor. There are a million old wives’ tales that are supposed to help, but they seem to be pretty hit or miss. Luckily, this pizza has a group of women who believe in its labor inducing effects. If you or someone you know is very pregnant you definitely need to tell them about Hawthorne’s New York Pizza and Bar in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Pizza is magic, but you already knew that.

Pizza can do anything. And apparently, the buffalo wing pizza at Hawthorne’s can make you go into labor!

New mom Ali Aldrich felt as though she was ready to pop but just could not get her water to break.

"I had always heard spicy foods could do it, so we ordered the pizza at 6 p.m. and by 10 that night, I was in labor," she told

She thought nothing of it until her neighbor (who was also pregnant) went to Hawthorne’s and ordered the same meal. She also went into labor. Recently, another one of their pregnant friends had the pizza, and it worked for her as well.

"I didn’t think anything was going to happen," the suspicious and pregnant Henley Schmiedel said.

But then she had her baby.

When a mommy blogger shared the story, it went viral. Even more women came forward. Pregnant customers began ordering the ‘za from out of state. According to the co-owner, John Adams, the secret is in the sauce. The restaurant uses a special medium-hot buffalo sauce made by the chef.

Adams said, “It’s not too spicy, but it’s spicy enough to induce a baby.”

Although many people are now convinced that it is the spice, an OBGYN wants to put the myth to rest.

Charlotte-based Dr. Alyse Kelly Jones explained to, "There is no evidence to support that eating spicy food will do anything to bring on labor. Women have been trying many things for decades – sex, spicy foods, walking — and none of those things have proven to work."

But the proof seems to be….in the pizza! Hawthorne’s is hoping to integrate its new found fame inducing labor on their menu as they open more locations. The wives’ tale will live on with their buffalo wing pizza, now subtitled, “The Inducer”. 

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