Pizza that looks like pizza but tastes like marshmallow

Gather ‘round pizza lovers. Anyone who loves pizza usually loves anything that looks like a pizza — whether it’s little pizza lights, a pizza necklace or a rug that makes it look like you have a giant pizza pie on the floor. Appreciating this delicious dish in all kinds of forms is just part of being a pizza superfan. Prepare yourselves, because this marshmallow pizza is going to blow your mind.

This “pizza” is made entirely of marshmallows but looks like a normal pie. How wild is that? It’s a total trompe l’oeil. It comes in a vanilla flavor and you can choose from different “toppings” like Hawaiian, Margherita, pepperoni and even vegetarian. Plus, it comes in an actual pizza box which has an option where you can add your own personalized message on the inside. Isn’t this the most amazing thing ever? This would make a pretty amazing prank…just sayin’.

Takeaway marshmallow pizza box, $19.19 to $23.59

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(Product shots via Firebox.)