Light up your nights with tiny pizza lights

For the pizza-loving aesthete, an interior space representing the almighty ‘za is a must. Nothing brightens up the home than pizza in all forms —both edible and decorative. LED lights can certainly make a room more festive, but what if they come in the shape of pizza? Yes, I’m talking about light-up pizza lights. If you’re someone who loves the look of Christmas tree lights, but desire something that makes more sense to have year round, like pizza, these glowing little lights are just what your humble abode needs. Wrap them around your windowsill, string them around your television or just hang them above your bed. Imagine using them as a nightlight. With tiny pizzas to escort you into the world of slumber, there’s no way you’d have anything but cheesy, delicious dreams.

Pizza lights, $24.80 

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(Product photos via Ankit.)