Pizza ice cream exists, and we’re not sure how we feel

Sometimes, when we combine two foods we love, the result is excellent. But even though it often works out, inventions like pizza ice cream can still throw us for a loop. Perhaps this dissonance comes from the temperature difference between the two. (Although, to be honest, cold pizza is in a totally different category of delicious.)

You can give credit for this flavor to Philadelphia’s Little Baby’s Ice Cream. The shop posted a photo of their innovative concoction on Instagram and, while it looks interesting, we obviously can only guess what it tastes like. Thankfully, Little Baby’s put a list of ingredients on their website.

Those ingredients? Tomato, basil, garlic, salt, and oregano. Huh.

The ice cream parlor is no stranger to interesting flavors. Also on the roster this summer are “Everything Bagel” (which includes an actual bagel soaked in ice cream) and “Balsamic Banana.” You can figure out what’s in that one.

Refinery29 reports that while Little Baby’s is the most recent shop to offer pizza ice cream, they’re not the first.

A company called Coolhaus in Los Angeles experimented with the flavor, although it’s no longer on the menu. (This seems telling.)

Our final thoughts? Well, we have to trust the experts on this. Little Baby’s is well-established, so it’s unlikely for them to dish out an inferior product. Next time you’re in Philadelphia, you should get some for dessert — following a real pizza dinner, of course.