Today in awesome: Pizza Hut just reinvented the pizza box

Ordering up some delicious pizza might be one of the best ways to do dinner for a group, but the whole juggling-multiple-boxes thing is such a headache. One is slipping this way, the other is sliding that way, and if you have breadsticks and sauce in one of them? It’s a mess waiting to happen.

But Pizza Hut has come up with a solution. They just introduced their Triple Threat Box, and it’s simultaneously super brilliant and totally obvious. Cue the “Why didn’t I think of that?” moment.

The box—which functions like a chest of drawers or a jewelry box for your pizza dinner—actually contains three boxes. Yes, boxes inside of boxes, people. They all slide in neatly, and are held together by the outer case, saving you all the headache of trying to wrestle with your keys while balancing your pizza boxes. It also comes with a festive holiday design, because what gift is better than the gift of pizza?

But what does the box actually hold? Um, only all your dreams come true. Two pizzas, one cookie pizza, and breadsticks for $19.99. All neatly wrapped up, ready to be devoured. Bless you, Pizza gods.

(Image via Shutterstock/ Pizza Hut)