This beauty editor just used pizza grease as makeup remover and we are speechless

Hear ye, hear ye, we’ve discovered the most upsetting (but also genius and maybe delicious?) beauty hack known to humanity. A beauty editor at Seventeen recently shared a video of herself removing uber dark matte lipstick with pizza grease. First of all, we’ve got to address the fact that her lipstick is perfect and totally on point and we would like to know what color she’s wearing so we can go buy it immediately. Second of all, we’re not sure if this discovery is a blessing or a curse. On one hand, we’re always looking for new, efficient ways of removing dark makeup. On the other hand, like all classy ladies, we’d like to be able to dig into some pizza while our lipstick remains intact.

Check out her video below — and prepare to have your mind boggled.

It’s just… so effective? Obviously oil as a makeup remover has become a bigger and bigger thing lately, and it may or may not be the best solution for your skin type, but by and large it’s pretty effective. Thus we guess it makes sense that pizza grease would so perfectly remove make-up.

We’re going to take away two things from this realization. First is not to wear lipstick when planning on consuming pizza (which sadly cuts down on our lipstick-wearing days CONSIDERABLY) and second is that while this might be great for lipstick, let’s not put this ish on our skin, okay?

But hey, if you wanna change up your look mid pizza party, you know now that it’s suuuuper easy to do.

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