Pizza Farms are now a (really cool) thing

Yes, you read that right. Pizza Farms. Know how parents are always like, “money doesn’t grow on trees!” Well, now you can tell them that while money doesn’t grow on trees, pizzas are now in season on many farms in the Midwest, so it’s ALMOST as good as free-money on trees. Almost. Want to know how these things work?

As the Associated Press reports, Pizza Farms are part of the bigger farm-to-table movement, which basically serves to bring food harvested at the farm right to a consumer’s table, and completely cut out the middle man (aka, the grocery store). It’s actually a really great movement, which helps boost local farmers, and also lets consumers know exactly what they’re eating (and what pesticides have been used), along with exactly where their food has come from. Pizza Farms are an outgrowth of that movement.

At a Pizza Farm, you show up, and you get pizza. How simple is that?? Farms, looking to add to their income and allow city-dwellers an escape from the concrete jungle, are hosting these pizza nights. Customers can come, spread out a picnic blanket, open up a bottle of wine, learn a little bit about the farm and what produce is harvested there, and then get pizza. While most places have you bring your own plates and utensils, that’s a small thing to do for a scenic escape, and for pizza.

These pizzas are also prepared and cooked right on the farms, and at many of them, produce grown on-site are used as toppings. So fresh, hot pizza using fresh ingredients? Sign us up.

Robbin Bannen and Ted Fisher, who run AtoZ Produce and Bakery near Stockholm, Wisconsin, have been holding these Pizza Farms for almost 17 years now. “We do this because we love it,” Bannen explained to the AP, “We don’t do this because we want to get rich and we don’t do this because we have grandiose ideas of what a farm is.” And for those close enough to this farm, Tuesday from 4:30-8pm are their pizza nights.

These Pizza Farms have really taken off in Minnesota and Wisconsin, and hopefully they’ll spread out to other areas across the country, too. Because who doesn’t want to head to a farm for a bit, pet some livestock, learn a little bit about farming, and then, PIZZA? Everything about this is a win-win. I’m hungry just thinking about it.

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