Relax and let pizza make all your important decisions for you

While pizza is often used to help us through tough times, do you ever wish you could turn to pizza and ask, “Pizza, what should I do?” Like, “Pizza, do I really need to buy this expensive Star Wars collectible item online?” Or, “Pizza, which college should I commit to for the fall?” Or just like, “Pizza, should I order more pizza?”

Well, now you can ask all those questions — and more! — thanks to a new decision-making process involving pizza. It’s kind of like a magic-eight ball but slightly more involved

The website Free Art & Technology came up with the brilliant idea to leave all important life decisions in pizza’s hands. Actually, you’re leaving all important life decisions to whomever is on toppings duty at your local pizza joint, but considering they make our favorite pizza, we’ve got to trust them. So how exactly does pizza make decisions for you? Just follow these simple steps:

1. Identify that you have an important life decision to make.

2. Realize you don’t want to be the one to make this important life decision; decide pizza is better suited for this task.

3. Order a pizza online.

4. In the “special requests” section of the online order (or app), write that your topping of choice should be arranged in either a Y, an N, or an M — for yes, no, or maybe. Specify that it’s not all three letters, just one.

5. Wait impatiently for pizza to be delivered.

6. When pizza arrives, open the box to reveal the Y, N, or M.

7. Hereby live your life according to pizza forever.

Easy, perfect, and magical, right? Considering we often leave tough decisions up to our closest friends, family, and our followers on Twitter, pizza seems like a great option, too. And even if you don’t like the answer pizza has given you, you still get a pizza out of it! No matter what it’s a win-win!

So BRB everyone, I’ve got a pizza to order because I need to know if I should get bangs. I’ll let you know what pizza decides for me.

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