Drooling over this amazing pizza art

We’ve all been to that fancy-schmancy restaurant where the food is so beautiful, so well-arranged, we call it a work of art without hesitation. That food can be art is not news. There’s an entire Netflix documentary series about the craftsmanship of  fine cuisine. Well, pizza maker Carlo Lujan of Big Lou’s Pizza has taken culinary craft and imagination to a whole new level with his pizza art — and our mouths are watering.

I mean, look at this pizza, guys. Really look at it. The detail alone puts most own measly sketches to shame, and I’m using stereotypical art supplies! I have no drippy hot cheese to contend with or messy tomato sauce to battle. Wouldn’t this pizza be awesome to serve at a Day of the Dead party?

Lujan has been making specialty pizzas with unique artwork since 2012. Lately, he’s been concentrating on a five-step process, the “cut-out cheese pizza style.” According to Lujan, he first designs the artwork for his pizzas on parchment paper. Depending on the detail of the design, the pizza could take him hours to complete. Hours? I stopped making pizza at home because I got too impatient watching the oven.

“It takes a lot of patience,” Lujan admitted. This is why I’m not a chef, guys. When it comes to cooking I’m that chid in the backseat who keeps asking “Are we there yet?” every five minutes. All Lujan’s hard work deserves attention, so I am thrilled he recently opened an Instagram account where he can share his pizza designs with the world! (And, in the process, make our stomachs rumble.)

In describing his pizza artwork musings, Lujan explained, “I have a friend and she had a brother who loved his Mustang, so I put the Mustang on his pizza. I had another friend that her husband just graduated from the fire academy. I did the badge on that pizza.”

I just want to know — can he put a cat on a pizza? Asking for a friend. (Pssst… that friend is me.) Oh wait, he already did. I want to say “awww” but my mouth keeps filling up with saliva. I’m so confused! And so happy.

Recently, Lujan completed a pizza honoring Martin Luther King Jr., but his most popular designs involve anything that has to do with the Spurs, his local team. Makes sense. While I’m not a sports fan, I’d sure eat this pizza:  

So, those of you who are lucky enough to live in San Antonio near Lujan’s work — hit him up. Report back.

(Images via Instagram)