Pixi Beauty’s new Sun Serum has a clever hidden feature

If you’re a fan of HIDDEN PASSAGEWAYS in your beauty products (this is a Nancy Drew-level situation), then we have a treat for you. The new Pixi Beauty Sun Serum has hair that’s full of secrets, and we have the keys to unlock all of them.

Rather than settling for just being a decadent serum for your face, the new product from Pixi Beauty functions as a multi-purpose beauty product. While the lightweight Sun Serum itself is full of SPF 30 to keep your skin hydrated and protected, the top of the product contains a smaller compartment full of an SPF lip balm!

So basically, for $22 you can stock up on an SPF-infused facial serum AND an SPF-infused lip balm.

Here it is in action:

Sounds pretty useful for those hot summer days when you don’t wanna lug around a case of skin care products.

The balm compartment is also packed with soybean oil to keep your lips moisturized while they’re protected from the sun.

Meanwhile, the serum is dosed with sodium hyaluronate to keep your skin quenched.

Even the packaging elicits the feelings of a crisp summer day.

You can check it out (or purchase it) through the Pixi Beauty‘s website and feel stocked up for your summer skin care needs!