#Pixelize, No Photoshop Needed

My good friend Karrine is a fan of Pixelization. In a pinch she will use a pixelated blur to censor a photo (she keeps an app for photoworthy moments) or have fun with filters. When we want to opt out of a photo, “Pixel me” has become part of our slanguage.

Pixelize is the opposite. Simplified Pixelize is a verb and means, to take a picture.

Pixelize is fun a word you would use to capture a moment you want to share with your friends or followers on IG, FB, Twitter, etc. Who really has time anymore to say, “Hey, I really want to share this moment on my social media accounts would you mind snapping this picture” by that point the moment is gone. Instead you can just say Pixelize!

You can use Pixelize while you are taking a pic “Hey guys, hold up! Pixelizing this for Instagram” or, for example, in this week’s Awkward, Jake and Tamara ask Jenna to capture their lunchtime love by asking “Pixelize us?”

My personal favorite way to use Pixelize is in a sarcastic way. I’ll say “Pixelize this” and usually follow it up with an obscene gesture or ridiculous facial expression.

You can also use it as a request to take a photo by simply saying “Pixelize?” while handing over your phone or camera to your willing photographer ☺

Have fun and try to incorporate Pixelize into your vernacular this week.

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