This pixelated makeup is so freaky and beautiful at the same time

No, this is not photoshop or VFX, this is mere makeup. Yes, it is NUTS.

Makeup artist and YouTuber Zenna Hodge posted this pic of a pixelated makeup look.

Misaligned boxes of cream contour on her face and hydrocolor on her eyes creates a visual trick of pixelated movement.

First there was pop art makeup, then there was comic book makeup. Now this.

Zenna works for networks and companies such as Hologram USA, The John Kerwin Show, and Ritz Carlton. But this look was inspired by fellow makeup artist and YouTuber Kelly Nantes, who posted a gif of her own makeup becoming “pixelated.”

Kelly was the 2015 winner of the Spain Face Awards, and we aren’t surprised.

Inspired to try it yourself (and know you can carve out a few hours?) Here’s a detailed tutorial:

And some more inspiration:

Visions in hot pink.


Just a little glitch.

Fit for a frame.

The things you can do with makeup! Minds blown.

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