Pixelated hair is the new Ombre, and we’re into it

While the Ombre has been on its way out (sorry, Ombre —you had a good two years though!), a new hair trend is on its way in: pixelated locks. According to Bored Panda, we can find this hairstyle’s roots (pun definitely intended) in a hair salon called X-Presion, located in Madrid. This salon is the pioneer of the vibrant, nerdy-chic styling technique, but we’re sure we’ll be seeing more and more of this look all around the globe. Why? Um, because it’s AWESOME.

In an age that celebrates hyper-advanced technology, prioritizes apps over hand-held cameras, and shares photos from screen to screen, it only makes sense that we now have a hairstyle that reflects our penchant for all things digital. Why get a normal haircut when you can make your hair look like a zoomed-in jpeg?

Take a look at some of the super rad ways stylists have manipulated hair and dye to look like something straight off your computer screen:

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