We can’t get enough of these pixelated animal tattoos

It’s hard NOT to feel tattoo envy with all the rad tat art out there. We’ve ogled over simple, elegant tattoos that are just oh-so subtly gorgeous. Modern mom tats that redefine mom tats in the best way. And these intricately-designed tats that require a six-month waiting list. But when we saw these vibrant, pixelated tattoos in the shape of animals, our tattoo ardor was just pushed over the edge.

The designs, according to Bored Panda (and Instagram), are by Lesha Lauz —a tattoo artist based in Moscow. They’re extra unique because the tat aesthetic is “glitchy.” As a human being who spends like 80% of her time online, I am ALL about art with a touch of tech. Bored Panda writes of the designs, “Instead of clashing with his colorful and fluid artwork, the ‘digital glitches’ he adds to his tattoos give them an additional layer of vitality and color. He calls his style “Pixel & Glitch.” Aside from that, we just love the animals chosen, and the unbelievably fresh colors. Looking at these tats gives us all kinds of feelings you don’t expect to get when looking at a tat — which is what makes them so exceptionally cool.

Check out some of them below and be prepared to swoon a little.

All images via Bored Panda

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