Pixar is releasing all these movies soon, and we can’t wait!

We are so darn excited to finally get our Pixar fix when Finding Dory comes out at last on June 17th! But in addition to going back and re-watching all the Pixar classics, it’s about time we looked ahead at what the amazing studio has coming up in the next few years. Because if Pixar’s history is any indication, we’re going to walk out of Finding Dory ready for more! Let’s take a look ahead at Pixar’s upcoming slate:


Okay, technically we’ll get to see this just before Finding Dory, but it’s still exciting. The short cartoon included before our next big blue adventure is perfect thematically, because it follows a tiny baby sandpiper as he learns to stop being afraid of water. You guys. Look. At. This. Bird.


That little guy couldn’t be cuter in basically any way. Can’t wait to know how Piper overcomes his hydrophobia!

Cars 3

Hmm, we’re not sure how to feel about this one. Though we love the gang from Radiator Springs (although opinion is definitely divided on even the first Cars film) the sequel was not exactly a critical darling. It has by far the lowest ratings of any Pixar film, standing at just 39% on Rotten Tomatoes. Not a ton is known about the third film, though a few years ago actor Michael Wallis, the voice of the Sheriff in the franchise, claimed the sequel will be set on California’s Route 99. Will returning to it’s roots save this one from looking like a cash-grab? We hope so!



THIS is one to get really excited about. In the works for years, Coco is Pixar’s exploration of the art and culture of the Day of the Dead festival. According to Lee Unkrich, the director and one of Pixar’s head honchos, the story will follow a young boy named Miguel who gets transported to the fantastical world of the dead. Set to drop in November 2017, Coco is also the only original film on Pixar’s upcoming slate. Let’s hope it trends more toward recent massive hit Inside Out than The Good Dinosaur (which didn’t do as well). All we’ve seen of the artwork so far is the logo, but it looks pretty fantastic!


2018 and Beyond

The rest of the movies currently on the Pixar slate are all part of existing franchises. So far, we know we’ll be getting Toy Story 4 in 2018, and Incredibles 2 in 2019. On the Woody-and-Buzz front, early hints indicate that the toys’ new owner, Bonnie, will be back, but will we ever find out what happened to Bo-Peep?? As for Incredibles 2, some are suggesting that the story will revolve around returning villain Syndrome turning the multi-talented youngest Incredible, Jack-Jack, against his family. Of course, who knows if there are additional original films in the works yet to be given release dates, but looks like aside from Coco, we’ll have to be happy with sequels for now. And we’re pretty happy.


Which upcoming Pixar film are you most excited for?

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