We’re totally blown away by these Pixar-inspired tattoos

Pixar movies pull at your heartstrings, make you laugh and wish you were an animated character so you could swim with Dory. While all these things are awesome thoughts to have about the films, some fans have taken their love of these classics to another level — with tattoos

There are a LOT of people who have shown off their Pixar obsession by sporting character-inspired tats and they are epic. You will be blown away when you see how detailed and magical these body art paintings are — trust us.

Just when we thought Squirt, from Finding Nemo couldn’t get any cuter, we stumbled upon this vibrant drawing of the little sea turtle. We can just imagine him yelling, “We’re going to have a great jump today!”

For all you Up fans out there, this sweet, balloon-inspired tattoo is perfect. It even has an inspirational quote from the film, which we are BIG fans of.

If you’re not always happy and upbeat, or better yet, are totally in tune with your emotions, you’ll be a major fan of this Inside Out tribute to its character, Sadness.

It’s hard to find a cuter Pixar couple than Wall-E and EVE!

This very brave tattoo-getter seems to have a new owner from Toy Story.

Faster than fast, we love this homage to Lightning McQueen in Cars.

A pertinent reminder that a great chef can come from anywhere, thanks to Ratatouille!

Check out more of the intricate and totally outrageous Pixar-inspired tattoos here.

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