Just in time for Pitch Perfect 2, a Pitch Perfect-themed MARRIAGE PROPOSAL!

It’s aca-mazing that “Pitch Perfect 2” is FINALLY in theaters, but you know what’s just as amaze? This Pitch-Perfect-themed MARRIAGE PROPOSAL!

Here’s how it went down. As Bustle reports, the aca-awesome proposer in question, Max, got all his dude friends together to reenact the Treblemakers final medley from “Pitch Perfect.” Max stepped in to sing Benji’s “Magic” solo and then ends the whole shebang down on one knee with a ring and a “Will you marry me?” and his girlfriend (now fiancée!) Lindsay’s “Yes” is just the greatest. Though this number’s choreography is a close second (it’s clear these guys worked SO hard to learn these moves and the results are A+ adorable).

Check out THE MAGIC below!

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