This behind-the-scenes footage of “Pitch Perfect” rehearsals is an aca-awesome belated Christmas gift

Skylar Astin may not have appeared in the latest installment of the Pitch Perfect franchise, but he’s still on the a cappella train. The actor recently shared some behind-the-scenes footage of OG Pitch Perfect rehearsals featuring his very own Treblemakers in action. And it’s definitely giving us all kinds of nostalgic #feels.

It seems like everyone involved in the Pitch series loves their costars, and Skylar’s no exception. In fact, he met his true love while working on the movies. He’s married to Anna Camp, who plays Aubrey in the films, and the two couldn’t be happier. The actress even told us how she and her hubby still sing around the house all the time. (Anyone else have some serious FOMO?)

Anyway, perhaps inspired by the Pitch Perfect 3 release, Skylar took to Instagram to post footage of the Treblemakers practicing their choreography for the first film’s big music sequences. It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly six years since we first saw the Treblemakers make their onscreen debut. They’re all still learning the moves in these clips, which makes them that much more fun to watch.

Dear Evan Hansen star Ben Platt is missing, but according to Astin, he’s likely in a costume-fitting session somewhere. That’s probably why you’ll see a few women filling in the gaps for the Treblemakers.

Don’t worry, we’ve got some bonus footage of the Barden Bellas to share, too.

Pitch Perfect‘s Rebel Wilson, aka Fat Amy, shared this gem on her own Instagram. And as she would say, the Bellas were already *crushing it.*

While this may be the last Pitch Perfect film we get, at least we can look back and reminisce with the cast. In the end, the stars love the flicks just as much as we do.

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