One of our favorite “Pitch Perfect” actresses is joining “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” and we can’t stop singing

Sometimes the best way to announce some big news is to do it through song. It’s even better when it’s a song about someone who’s going to sing some aca-awesome tunes on your crazy good show.

As if we weren’t already super excited about the return of Crazy-Ex Girlfriend, yesterday the show’s star, creator, writer, and mega-talented Rachel Bloom took to Twitter to make a big announcement, and she sang it like a pro: Brittany Snow is joining the show. And hey, when will this song be available on iTunes to download?

It’s also just super impressive that Bloom was able to fit the words “Brittany Snow” into so many different songs, including the Jurassic Park theme song.

According to TVLine, who got a little more information about this Big Deal, Snow will be joining the show for three episodes as Anna, “a hip and cool L.A. chick and beauty entrepreneur who sweeps into town and shakes everything up for Rebecca.”

LOL, like Rebecca’s life can even be shaken up any more than it already is.

This is also a triumphant return to television for Snow, and remember, this is not the firs time she’s sang on television. She starred for three seasons as Meg on NBC’s American Dreams.

And we’ll never, ever forget the beauty that is PITCH PERFECT.

In case you’re worried, rest assured that YES Snow will have at least one musical number on the show, if not more. Someone convince her to stay in West Covina forever.