Watch the cast of “Pitch Perfect” try, and fail, to play Heads Up with Ellen DeGeneres while wearing giant sweaters

The Barden Bellas are embarking on a farewell tour in Pitch Perfect 3,but the stars of the film have a whole press tour to do before it’s really goodbye to the franchise. *Phew*

One of our favorite interviews so far? Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Anna Camp, and Brittany Snow recently stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show to talk the Bellas’ USO tour in Pitch Perfect 3, their “serial killer” traits, and their seriously infectious chemistry. As if their chemistry wasn’t obvious enough, the ladies joined Ellen for a very special Act It Out: Sidekick rendition of Heads Up, Ellen’s popular mobile game — and we didn’t stop laughing the entire time.

But naturally, this was a holiday rendition of Heads Up. So not only were the ladies divided into teams — Camp and Snow vs. Kendrick and Wilson — they were also required to wear giant two-person Christmas sweaters to really put their acting to the test.

First up, Wilson and Kendrick had their work cut out for them as they acted out a series of wide-ranging topics from the very simple “jumping jacks” and “YMCA” to the more difficult — again, in a dual-person sweater — “yoga” and “horseback riding”.

This “Sumo Wrestling” reenactment is definitely awards-worthy:


Ellen is too amused by their performance to venture a guess.

After an impressive showing from Kendrick and Wilson, Camp and Snow were definitely in-it-to-win-it. While the ladies started off strong with an easy “guitar solo” and “limbo” the two were understandably reluctant to commit to a one-armed push-up — before their competitive streaks took over, of course.

They wouldn’t be Bellas if they weren’t going for gold.


You can physically see the pain in Snow’s face realizing they’re going to actually have to do push-ups.

Check out the entire hilarious game:

Somehow, the four made it through the game and actually tied. Not gonna lie, they did pretty well considering they had to overcome their hindering — but fab — holiday sweaters.

Watch Snow, Kendrick, Camp, and Wilson continue their competitive streak when Pitch Perfect 3 harmonizes its way into theaters on December 22nd.

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