This ‘Pitch Perfect’ star is officially returning for ‘PP3’

YAS, YAS a thousand times YAAAAAS. It’s awesome enough that Pitch Perfect 3 is going to be a thing in 2017, but with Brittany Snow coming back as Chloe? It’s practically too much. Just kidding, I can never get enough of that a cappella goodness (or, should I say, aca-awesomeness?).

This comes after the news that both Anna Kendrick and everyone’s favorite, Rebel Wilson, will also be returning to the franchise. While a director still hasn’t been selected, the writer of the previous two blockbusters is coming back to write the third, meaning there’s literally no reason that this movie, slated for July 21st, 2017, shouldn’t be just as hilariously amazing (aca-amazing? Too much? I’ll stop) as the first two.

Which is good, because the first two were enormous successes, with the latest rendition bringing in $282 million, making it the highest-grossing movie musical worldwide, more than double the total of the original movie, which still managed to rake in a whopping $115 million. I can only imagine that the third film has something even more impressive in store.

According to IMDB, the plot for the three-quel is still undisclosed, but that’s not stopping fans from trying to guess what could be next for our a cappella starlets. Will Bumper and Fat Amy be getting married? Maybe it will be the gang’s college reunion? Will there be more worldwide traveling?

TBH, I’ll go see whatever it is they cook up for us. I think the most important questions is what songs will they be covering?? “Trap Queen” better make an appearance, but whatever they sing, you know it will be our summer soundtrack for 2017. Bring it on!

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