Here’s every outfit from the “Pitch Perfect 3” premiere red carpet, and yes, the slayage is real

On December 12th, Hollywood celebrated the Pitch Perfect 3 premiere, and the movie’s stars walked the red carpet in glam looks fitting for a farewell to this beloved franchise. Anna Kendrick slayed in a minidress and thigh-high boots. Brittany Snow served up va-va-voom glam in a black gown with a plunging neckline. Ruby Rose looked like a goddess in an ethereal ombre gown. Rebel Wilson gave us vintage Hollywood glamour in a sequined floor length dress. And Hailee Steinfeld looked party-ready in a sequin and sheer midi-length dress.

While we’re sad to say goodbye to our fave bellas, Steinfeld did hint that it might not actually be the end. In an interview with the Build series (via Seventeen) she was asked about the possibility for a Pitch Perfect 4. “Maybe. I don’t know anything for sure, but I don’t know it’s entirely over for the Bellas,” Steinfeld responded. Kendrick echoed that statement when she told Entertainment Weekly, “We’d do them forever.”

Like all things in Hollywood, it’s all about the box office. So depending on how well Pitch Perfect 3 performs in ticket sales, the studio could very well greenlight the next installment in the franchise.

Until then, let’s just embrace Pitch Perfect 3 and its cast, who absolutely dominated the red carpet.

Anna Kendrick

Elizabeth Banks

Rebel Wilson

Hailee Steinfeld

Ruby Rose

Brittany Snow

Hana Mae Lee

Ester Dean

Anna Camp and Skylar Astin


The third installment of the popular musical franchise will feature the Bellas grappling with their new post-college lives as they team up one last time to perform together for an overseas USO tour. Pitch Perfect 3 hits theaters on December, 22nd.