“Pitch Perfect 3” just landed a director and she has AWESOME cred

Can we get a HELL YAS for female directors? It’s especially awesome when they’re behind female-led films, like one of our fave musical comedies, the Pitch Perfect series.

Pitch Perfect 2 was directed by one of our favorite funny ladies, Elizabeth Banks, who also had a cameo. But sadly, scheduling conflicts (having to do with Power Rangers, likely) are keeping her from coming back to direct the third installment (although she will return as an actor and producer).

BUT FEAR NOT, BARDEN BELLA FANS. Pitch Perfect 3, slated for release next year, just landed someone extra badass.

You might have heard of her: Trish Sie, as in the director behind Step Up: All In.


Though Sie is fairly new from film directing, she has also directed videos by OK Goand served as choreographer on a few other films. Check out this freaking amazing video she did for the avant-garde band; a video, we must inform you, which is FILLED WITH CUTE DOGS:


And of course, she also directed the incredible treadmill vid that started the OK GO phenomenon:


If a female choreographer who is the mastermind behind one of the Step Up films isn’t a great substitute for Elizabeth Banks, I don’t know who is.

The flawless Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow, Rebel Wilson, Hailee Steinfeld, et. al with a high likelihood of even more amazing dance moves? I think I speak for all of use when I say YES PLEASE.