You can smell like your favorite liquor with this booze-scented deodorant

Natural deodorant enthusiasts are always looking for the next big thing to try — as many brands begin to move away from traditional antiperspirants, everyone is putting their own spin on this product. To our absolute delight, there’s a liquor-infused option headed our way, thanks to Pit Liquor’s new whiskey-scented deodorant.

It makes sense if you ask us, and not just because smelling like whiskey all day sounds deliciously naughty. We all know that alcohol kills bacteria and bacteria is what makes us smell — it’s just science.

Pit Liquor puts it all together to make a delightfully-scented deodorant. It works because they use an incredibly high alcohol content (organic) liquor, and each of the other ingredients contributes to making the underarm free of stinky bacteria.

This natural, toxin-free deodorant just blew their Kickstarter goal out of the water and they are more than ready to proceed. Over 300 backers contributed to making this possible, and we all get to reap the rewards. Their deodorant is composed entirely of safe and consumable organic ingredients.

Not only is the deodorant made of high-quality liquor, but it’s produced locally using ethical and environmentally conscious methods — that’s music to natural deodorant lover’s ears.

Upon its release, the Pit Liquor deodorant spray will retail for $8.

We’re digging this lovely amber packaging — consider our interest thoroughly piqued.

There are three scents of Pit Liquor deodorant available: Whiskey Lavender; Whiskey Vanilla; and Whiskey Black Pepper.

The bottles will all contain actual sprigs of lavender, slices of vanilla bean, whole cloves, and whole peppercorns. It doesn’t get much more natural than that.

And while whiskey is the main scent in the Pit Liquor deodorants, the other ingredients are just as delightful.

Arrowroot powder is proven to help with long-term dryness and vodka is a costumer’s secret weapon — nothing neutralizes odor quite like it.

We have to say, we are totally sold on Pit Liquor. It can’t make it’s arrival soon enough and when it does, we’ll be the first in line to try it.

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