This open letter to a pit bull’s former owner is making us happy-cry

Adopting a furry friend is a massive responsibility and not one that should be taken lightly. However, sometimes, uncontrollable situations like finances, allergies, or job changes can render even the most prepared pet owner unable to provide their pet the loving home they deserve, and an owner may be forced to give up their beloved pet, knowing that they can’t give them what they need. That’s exactly why an open letter to a former owner of a pit bull is going viral on Facebook.

Today, BAD RAP — a non-profit organization that aims to dispel the stigma surrounding the pit bull breed — posted a picture of a beautiful gray pit bull who was surrendered to the Silicon Valley Animal Control Authority (SVACA) in Santa Clara, California, along with a heart-wrenching open letter to the former owner.

Although the pit bull was surrendered as a stray, he was so well-trained that the organization had a feeling that he was actually a well-cared-for pet. The author from BAD RAP speculated in the open letter that his owner was forced to give him up and was too heartbroken (or perhaps embarrassed) to explain the circumstances:

Rather than judging the former owner, BAD RAP chose to let the owner know, wherever they may be, that their dog is happy and safe. “No one knows what went wrong to prevent you from keeping him (housing? hard times? illness?) but we’re guessing it must have killed you to walk back to your car without him. . . He’s headed to Balanced Bullies Rescue and Rehabilitation next week where he’ll find an awesome new life,” the author wrote in the post. “All is well. Your boy is safe. Blessings to you, wherever you are.”

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