It’s Pisces season, so bring on the empathy and emotions

On February 18th, we’re zooming out of the futuristic and benevolent world of Aquarius and arriving in dreamy, feely Pisces season, where we will stay until March 20th. As the twelfth and last sign in the zodiac, it’s said that the Fish embodies characteristics of the other signs, which allows her to connect deeply with everyone she meets. That’s the thing about Pisces: she wants to make the world a better place. But unlike the intellectual Water Bearer who relies on logic to do good, Pisces uses her innate empathy and uncanny sixth sense to tap into those around her. Whatever you feel, she feels. So, in other words, get ready to feel everything for the next four weeks.

Ruled by Neptune, the planet of inspiration, dreams, and illusion, Pisces gives us permission to access our esoteric and spiritual side. You might find yourself not only diving into mystical topics at this time, including anything from meditation to tapping to crystal therapy, but also reviewing where you’ve been and where you want to go next.

Pisces is all about self-awareness and self-discovery. She’s going to point you toward the “self-growth” section in the bookstore or help you to tackle your “shadow self,” the subconscious part of us where our deepest desires and fears hide. In other words, you’re going to be cleaning house mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as you dream up visions of your future.

Because that’s another favorite pastime of Pisces: dreaming. Vision boards, diaries, journaling. These are your sacred tools during this transit. The Fish has a fun and fertile imagination, too, so don’t be afraid to dream big and boldly, friends. You’ll be tapping into some far-out creative spaces during this time. Don’t censor yourself. Let the inspiration flow and allow yourself to access your dreamiest fantasies. Pisces people are lovers of art. So unleash your inner artist and paint the canvas of your wildest dreams, whether that’s figuratively or literally. What do you want your life to look like? What makes your heart sing?

You’re being asked to not only dig into but also align with the deepest parts of yourself during Pisces season. That’s because the Fish loves to swim in the pool of vulnerability. For most of us, it’ll feel uncomfortable. We might feel emotionally naked and unsure of where we stand in our relationships, including the one we have with ourselves. We might want to hide and bury ourselves with shallow distractions, like excessive work, Netflix, and toxic connections. But here’s the thing: if you’ve been weighed down by certain people or projects, if you’ve been feeling like you’re trapped in a web of uncertainty or insecurity, this is your time to free yourself. Because when we allow ourselves to feel what we need to feel and express the inner truths of our hearts, we find liberation. More importantly, we find love and light, which, really, is the Fish’s jam.

Pisces tends to brood alone and cry it out (yes, you’ll be tearing up more now, too), but as the sage of the zodiac, Pisces understands there is always a lesson to be learned when it comes to our feelings. Our feelings are our navigation system. So if a boss or a loved one is giving you a hard time, take a moment to decipher why you feel the way you feel, and see how you can connect the dots to your life’s bigger plan. Remember: life happens not to us, but for us.

Pisces season isn’t all deep feels, though; it’s about helping people, too. Pisces is as flexible and friendly as a golden retriever, so you might find yourself drawn to charity events or dropping everything to be your BFF’s wing woman. But since Pisces is a natural people-pleaser, it’s easy for them to be indecisive and put others’ needs before their own. During this transit, make sure that you are doing things that feel authentic and good to you, and don’t be afraid to say no.

When it comes to activities, the Fish, not surprisingly, loves to be near water, so you might want to plan that beach vacation, take swimming lessons, or include a weekly walk by the lake or ocean to feel more centered and at peace.

Since that’s exactly what Pisces most yearns for: peace. Peace of mind, peace of heart, peace of soul. So whatever makes you feel most at peace, bbs, Pisces wants you to go find that. And bring a box of tissues. You’re going to need it.

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