This is the meaning behind the soon-to-appear Pisces New Moon

Each month, we undergo a cycle — a beginning, middle, and an end. Like the moon, we have the opportunity for growth, reflection, and change. We have the opportunity to transform our lives and ourselves, and the easiest way to track this evolution is by syncing with the moon and her cycles. The new moon is the beginning of the moon’s 28-day cycle, and March’s new moon is in the sign of Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac. Not only do we get to tap into the intuitive, emotional, and watery sign of the fish as we embrace the Pisces New Moon meaning, but we also get to focus on what we want to manifest as we enter an astrological new year on March 20th when the sun transitions into Aries.

New moons are fresh energetic slates, when we get to put our mind’s eye to what we want to grow as the moon’s light thrives. This month, what is it that you need to nurture emotionally, spiritually, and intuitively? The moon herself rules over our emotional and energetic bodies, and our intuition. Pisces is already tapped into this energy, much like the tides and ocean that are the fish’s domain.

To celebrate this new moon, think of ways to exhibit creative self-expression, to tap into your spirit, journaling around themes of feeling feelings and making art that connects with your highest self. To help us tap into the energy of the Pisces New Moon, we talked to astrologer extraordinaire, horoscope queen, and founder of The Midheaven, Amelia Quint. Amelia explains this Pisces energy further, saying,

"The energy of Pisces is fluid, so a lot is going to be shifting during this time. Expect feelings and insights to pour in under this moon. It might feel like you're overflowing with ideas, so you'll need a way to channel them. Music, dance, poetry, and ritual are all excellent, Pisces-approved ways to transform those thoughts into something concrete!"

Many of us are taught that our emotions make us weak, and that to be a good person we have to put others in front of ourselves. Not true. This Pisces New Moon is teaching us ways to put our own emotional wellbeing first. No, it’s not selfish — though it may feel like it at first. Self-preservation is vital; once our cup is running over, we can give to others. No one wants to be fed from the bottom of a well!,Amelia emphasizes this idea, revealing,

"Pisces is all about boundaries. As a water sign, the lesson here is creating a structure in which to experience your dreams, emotions, and spiritual insights. Without a vessel, things get messy, but having the right container gives you the space to feel what you need to feel without it leaking out into places it doesn't need to go."

This new moon is asking you to tap into your inner emotional well. What have you been itching to create? What has been depleting you? What is it that you need to give more of to yourself?

Use the Pisces New Moon to journal, create art, move, and manifest around these ideas. No matter how you go about doing this, remember that your feelings are valid and allow yourselves to feel them without shame. Here’s to celebrating the most magnificent you, always.

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