This week’s full moon will release a lot of blocked emotion and energy—here’s how it’ll affect your zodiac sign

The Pisces Full Moon, also called the Full Harvest Moon, will reach its peak full brightness in the night sky on Saturday, September 14th, just after midnight at 12:33 a.m. EDT. This Full Moon in Pisces is particularly abundant, flowing, feminine, and emotional.

As a collective, we’re going to be highly focused on the questions of divine femininity, surrendering to the universe, and releasing blocked emotions and energy. Sign up for your favorite dancing or yoga class and focus on your body’s sensations. This full moon is power-packed and will offer great energetic releases.

Let’s see how the Full Moon in Pisces affects everyone by sun sign. Don’t forget to check your rising sign, too.


This Pisces Full Moon marks a moment of strong release when it comes to love. You might have a choice to make between two people, two outcomes, or two directions. Choose with your heart.


Some magical thinking is in order this weekend. This Full Moon in Pisces is about redefining your ideals when it comes to love and family. Perhaps you realized that the ideals you had in mind for your emotional life and happiness are in need of revision. And now, you’re at a time where you’re trying to redefine what happiness and family mean to you in a more authentic way.


Are you ignoring your blessings? The overall vibe for you is: “Sigh.” You could be feeling a bit underwhelmed, perhaps so focused on what you lost or don’t have yet that you have difficulties seeing what is being offered to you now. The vibe is very growth-oriented, but you can’t seize opportunities you don’t see. Open your eyes.


This Pisces Full Moon is bringing a strong focus on the question of motherhood and caregiving. It could be because you’re focused on your family, or because you’re focused on parenting yourself or others. You have a strong nurturing vibe going on and a desire to provide for yourself and for others, both financially and emotionally. Your breadwinner vibes are strong with this full moon.


Leo, it’s manifestation time. All the wishes you had for yourself are coming true, so keep your eyes on the prize. Make a wish, because it’s a very abundant full moon for you, both financially and emotionally.


Virgo, you’re feeling passionate and almost wanting to play the field. Be careful not to make promises you can’t keep, because this Full Moon in Pisces is enhancing your romanticism and your impulsivity. You might be particularly smitten right now, but will that last? Don’t over-commit yourself.


This Pisces Full Moon is causing you to lose your usual cool and feel a bit mentally out of balance. You could feel irrational and erratic, and it’s possible it’s causing you to release a lot of buried emotions. Just stay away from making big life decisions during this time and focus on your health and balance instead.


This is a very tender moment for you, Scorpio. There’s more coming at you than you can defend, and you can feel a huge release emotionally. You’re letting go of the usual walls around your heart and you’re being called to step into your vulnerable self.


It’s a powerful full moon to manifest your financial abundance, Sagittarius. The focus is on working hard and doing the proper mental work to not only access abundance but also witness it all around you. You could go on a short trip, which would reveal itself impactful.


This Full Moon in Pisces is going to deeply connect you to your inner wisdom and inner knowing. If there are some elements of secrecy around you, do know you have the capacity to uncover these secrets by focusing on your inner knowing and intuition. It’s also a good time to focus on money and relationships, as you’ll find yourself shifting in your values and focus.


It’s time to let go of your wish for self-control and strength. Sometimes, strength is found in surrendering, letting go, and flowing—and that’s what you’re called to do with this Pisces Full Moon. Allow the vibes to float you around and don’t be too attached to being in control.


This Full Moon in Pisces is waking you up. You’ll feel as if you just got taken out of your contemplation zone. Now is a time to wake up, release, and move on. Inner work is good, but sometimes, you have to actually get up and go do what you need to do.

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