There’s a cryptic message in the new “Pirates” trailer that has us so worried for Jack Sparrow

The brand new Pirates of the Caribbean trailer for Dead Men Tell No Tales has us completely pumped to head back out on the high seas for another adventure. It also might be our last adventure out on the ocean. Halfway through the new trailer, suddenly we’re informed that this is the last Pirates of the Caribbean adventure and YO HO SAY IT AIN’T SO.

Dead Men Tell No Tales is now the fifth movie in this franchise, once again reuniting us with Jack Sparrow. This pirate has sure seen a lot over the years, and now Disney is heavily hinting that soon, we won’t see him anymore. Captain Salazar might be Jack’s last foe, if this warning is to be believed:


Looking at this trailer, it certainly seems very final when it comes to our time in the Caribbean. Captain Salazar appears to be one of the first (undead?) pirates Jack ever crossed swords with, so it would be fitting for him to be the last one, too. Might he be the one to finally stop Jack from stealing another ship? Might this be the end of journey together? Nothing about this is making us feel good right now.

Also can’t help but notice that there are two brand new characters in this movie, who we shall call Will Turner 2.0, and Elizabeth Swan the Second. It almost feels like Disney is setting them up for their own Pirate franchise later on down the road — and one that might happen without our favorite rum drinking pirate. How do you feel about living in a Jack Sparrow-free Pirates world?

Could this really the final adventure with Jack? Is this the end of Pirates forever? Disney wouldn’t just stop at five movies, when there could be like, 47 Pirates movies, would they?? There are still so many parts of the Caribbean left uncharted!