This “Pirates of the Caribbean” star wars scolded on set for the silliest reason

When you see an adorable, fluffy, good dog, your instinct is to pet the adorable, fluffy, good dog. Right? Right. It’s a reflect. See a dog, pet the dog. So, it will certainly come as a surprise that trying to pet a dog caused a little bit of drama on the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales set.

During a recent press day for the fifth Pirates movie, franchise newcomer Kaya Scodelario (who, let’s be honest for a hot second, steals the entire movie) talked about her experience filming the movie. While this isn’t her first huge blockbuster (she plays Tessa in The Maze Runner) it was certainly a different experience for her. And one where she was not allowed to pet every dog she saw.

Talking to a group of reporters, Scodelario recalled one day on set where it felt like she was really ~in the movie business~.


“For this one, for me, we shot a day in the courtyard of this town [the production had] built.” Scodelario explains. “We have this great scene where Johnny [Depp] and I are fighting across each other, both of us about to be executed. I just remember looking down at 500 extras, each dressed in head to toe period costumes. Everyone had their makeup done.”

If you’ve seen Dead Men Tell No Tales, you know this is one of the most complicated — and also, greatest — scenes in the movie. Everyone needed to stay in their place…including the dog on set.

"I went up to a dog on set and I  was like 'Oh there's a dog on set, how coo!'"  Scodelario continues. "I petted him. And [the dog's handler] turned around and said to me, 'Excuse me, please don't disrupt the actor, he's working.' Genuinely. I was like 'Okay, shit, this is the real deal.'"

Scodelario didn’t let this dog diva moment get her down, and was still pretty psyched to have, though momentarily, pet the dog. “Did you meet that dog?” Scodelario asks her costar, Brenton Thwaites. He did not.

Cherish the moment of petting that good actor-dog, Scodelario. Cherish it forever.