If you pirate “Game of Thrones,” we have some scary news

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, but you don’t have HBO, deductive reasoning says you either go to a friend’s house to watch… or the more likely option is that you illegally download the show. If the latter is the case, you’re definitely not alone. Millions of people pirate the show online due to HBOs high fees. In fact, Game of Thrones actually set an new piracy world record. But heads up — HBO knows, and they’re coming after you.


HBO is emailing Internet Service Providers, asking them to contact subscribers who have pirated the shows via torrent sites. The letters are being sent by copyright protection company Echelon IP, according to TorrentFreak

The letter reads: “As the owner of the IP address, HBO requests that [ISP] immediately contact the subscriber who was assigned the IP address at the date and time below with the details of this notice, and take the proper steps to prevent further downloading or sharing of unauthorized content and additional infringement notices.”

HBO has also had success with taking down links to pirated copies of the show. The company is even paying close attention to popular sites that share predictions for what may happen in the show.


Specifically, YouTube user Frikidoctor who posts spoilers in Spanish, and has been strangely very accurate with his predictions. He claims to have a source close to the fire who feeds him information, according to TorrentFreak. 

HBOhas taken down Frikidoctor’s spoiler videos within two hours of them being uploaded. But the interesting thing is that in one of the videos taken down, Frikidoctor didn’t even use any HBOvideo or audio, it was simply him dressed in a wrestler costume, discussing what would happen in the upcoming episode. So yeah, HBOis paying attention.

Game of Thronesis one of HBO’s hottest properties, so it makes total sense for the company to be very protective. But still, it’s scary. So either spend the money and sign up for HBO… or be careful out there, GoT fans. Winter HBO is coming.

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