Pippa Middleton will be Lady of this 10,000 acre Scottish estate, and the photos are gorgeous

The younger Middleton sister got a lot more than a husband on her wedding day. Newlywed Pippa Middleton inherited a stunning Scottish estate, too. Right in the midst of the gorgeous Scottish Highlands, the 10,000 acre property looks like a total dream. The private home comes equipped with eight bedrooms, and is just 15 miles from infamous Loch Ness.

What makes the home even more spectacular are its modern and Victorian elements. The mansion has been renovated over the years, but it still manages to hold tight to its historical roots. Also pretty dope are the titles that James Matthews and Pippa will grab in the future. Matthews’ parents are currently the Laird and Lady of Glen Affric — which is the estate’s official moniker. And eventually, the newlyweds will rule the land. 

Just check out on of the scenic views this Scottish estate has to offer!


Breathtaking — that’s the only way we see fit to describe this piece of paradise. And we’re not the only ones who are falling hard for this terrain. In fact, David Beckham has also been known to call Glen Affric his “home, away from home” on occasion, too. Pippa and James will also experience all of its epic-ness when they venture to the estate for the second part of their honeymoon.

Here’s a shot of the home! It seriously looks just like a castle.

The Matthews rent their historic mansion out to guests when they’re not basking in all of its luxuriousness themselves. And you can bet that the experience will come with a hefty price tag — about $13,000 for a three-night stay, that is. But one look at this view, and it’s all worth it.

No, but seriously. This is one adventure you can’t beat.


We just want to be invited to the party. Glen Affric is an outdoorsman’s dream.

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