This pipe organ is made entirely out of paper, and it’s absolutely incredible

Constructing stuff from paper isn’t just for grade-school kids. Just ask the guy who made a pipe organ model entirely from paper. We know what you’re thinking: Who has the time, patience and incomparable dexterity to create something like this? YouTuber Aliaksei Zholner (aka, Al Zh), who is also the same person who built two tiny engines from paper. Seriously, his ah-mazing paper manipulation skills continue to blow us away.

After watching Zholner’s V6 engine work, we didn’t think it was possible for him to create anything cooler (or more complicated), but we must say we are absolutely in love with this fully functioning paper-made organ — even if our brains are beyond exhausted from trying to understand how he does this.

In his video, Zholner gives a really quick rundown of the construction process, revealing all the intricate components involved in creating his unique paper instrument.

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Good grief! Our brains are already approaching meltdown status and the instrument has yet to be assembled. Similar to the world’s most massive organ — which uses stalactites to make music — Zholner’s paper organ creates equally soothing sounds, but instead of rock formations, the 18-key instrument operates with the assistance of a purple balloon attachment.

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Here’s the paper pipe organ making beautiful music:

In case you missed it, here’s a look at one of Zholner’s engine videos:

Unbelievable. Meanwhile, all we can think about is how hard we struggle(d) to cut a symmetrical Valentine’s Day heart out of construction paper. Anyway, we can’t wait to see what wonderful paper magic Zholner creates next!