This woman found the best Pinterest hack for planning outfits in the morning

If you’re anything like me, you’re obsessed with fashion but are somehow unable to put an outfit together that doesn’t look like it was picked out by a 13-year-old. And if you don’t have the shopping budget of Kylie Jenner, you need to learn to rework pieces of your wardrobe into different outfits… which also seems like an impossible task sometimes.

That’s where Pinterest comes in. Yes, I said Pinterest. Caroline Moss over at Tech Insider is using the site for fashion inspiration and to help her put her outfits together in the mornings. It’s pretty dang brilliant. When she’s too tired or rushed to think about what she should wear, she lets Pinterest do all the work for her.

Moss says it started in December 2014. “I was planning on going away for a weekend trip. I had just purchased a new pair of leopard skinny pants, but I had no idea what to wear with them. … In a desperate attempt to keep the pants hanging in my closet, I plugged a description into Pinterest’s search bar, and the way I saw the platform began to change.”

She says that she noticed people were all planning for their futures on Pinterest, or making boards of things they would never actually have (sort of like my wedding dress board I still add to even though I’m already married). Moss thought of a way better way to use the site.

Each morning, Moss picks out an item of clothing that she’d like to wear that day, like a chambray shirt. She opens up Pinterest and types “chambray shirt” plus “outfit” in the search. Hundreds of outfits pop up to give her inspiration.

If your closet is stocked with all the basics (t-shirts, dark jeans, a blazer, etc.) and a few statement items you love, this Pinterest trick can help you feel like your closet is endless. As Moss says, “One of the most surprising things I’ve learned about using Pinterest in this way is that it doesn’t make me feel like I need to go shopping all of the time. As most women can probably relate, it’s hard to fight off the nagging feeling of, ‘well I love this shirt I own but I have nothing to wear with it.’ Instead, I am often reminded I do have most staple clothing items already—dark denim jeans or a black dress.”

Thanks for the tip, Moss! Now please excuse me while I head over to Pinterest so I can figure out a more adult way to wear my joggers in public.

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