These pins look like cute animals having a conversation on your clothing

If your tote bag, shirt collar or jacket need to be spiced up with some fun accessories, you are in luck. Emily McDowell, purveyor of awesomely honest greeting cards and kitschy-cute dish towels, just came out with a really cute set of enamel pins. There’s a cute French poodle, complete with beret, a peace-loving flower bear and a very dapper kitty, along with speech bubbles filled with amusing sayings.

What makes these pins even more rad, is that you can wear them together to create a whole scene on your clothes! Put any of the animal pins with the speech bubbles and you have basically created your own animated cartoon. How cool is that? The sleep deprived might find themselves particularly fond of this speech bubble pin, which reads, “The future is naps.” Now, which adorable animal to pair it with?

French poodle and other pins, $10

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Product shots via Emily McDowell.

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