Pinrose’s adorable perfume trio will make you want to practice baton twirling

Is it just us, or did anyone else spend a significant portion of their childhood trying to learn how to properly twirl a baton?

Perfumer Pinrose launched its new Twirl & Whirl collection, and it’s taking us on a trip down memory lane.

There’s something so nostalgic about a baton with streamers, and Pinrose harnesses all those sweet childhood memories with its latest perfume release. The packaging looks just like the ’90s rainbow streamer batons of our youth, and with three different fragrance options included in one baton, no matter what scent you like, you’ll be able to enjoy these sweet fragrances.

And it’s no coincidence that these 5 ml rollerballs are being released just in time for the holidays. Add them to your wishlist or sneak one into a fragrance lover’s stocking for a seriously delightful Christmas surprise. Whether you’re a longtime fan of Pinrose or new to their lovely assortment of products, you’re going to love these three best-selling scents.

We can’t get over how precious the packaging is, and don’t you think that the streamers are also evocative of the kind we would put on our bike handles? Pinrose is seriously tugging at our heart-strings with this one.

The Pinrose Twirl & Whirl perfumes are now available for $24.

Have you ever seen anything like it?

The rollerballs come in the brand’s top three fragrances: Secret Genius, a warm, sultry vanilla; Lil Dipper, a soft, introverted peony lavender; and Wild Child, a bright, electric gardenia.


This trio is the perfect combo of warmth and brightness, perfect for the impending winter months. Sometimes you want to cozy up with a romantic vanilla and other times you want a bold scent to shake things up when the weather is starting to get you down.


Head on over to Pinrose and check it out for yourself, we have a feeling you’ll find this one hard to resist.

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