These are the 10 most-pinned makeup looks for a DIY Halloween

OMG Halloween is less than three days away. And if you’re planning to celebrate All Hallow’s Eve this weekend, you’ve got even less time than that to get your costume together! If you’re desperate for a last-minute look, why not try one of these Halloween makeup ideas?

It’s super easy to pull together the paints and potions you’ll need for these getups, and you’ve probably got an outfit on hand that will suit any one of these DIY looks. Plus, we’re pretty confident you’ll find something you like on this list, since according to Pinterest, these are the most-pinned Halloween makeup looks of the year.

Ready to get started?

1. Harlequin Doll


Get your rouge and your false lashes ready, this doll makeup requires some time and precision — but it’s totally worth it. Find the tutorial here.

2. Metallic Glam Witch


You’ll be defying gravity in no time with this metallic witch makeup.

3. Zombie


Transform yourself into the undead with this simple zombie makeup tutorial.

4. Glam Skeleton


Noticing a “glam” trend on this list? Good eye! Pinterest reports that glam costume makeup pins are up 171 percent this year! Turn yourself into a glamorous skeleton with this how-to guide.

5. David Bowie


Pay homage to one of this year’s lost greats with this David Bowie zigzag makeup tutorial.

6. Minnie Mouse


Feeling a little cutesy this year? Own it with this Minnie Mouse makeup guide.

7. Pokémon Go


Oh yes, you’d better believe Pikachu made this list. Become your favorite yellow puff by copying this Pokémon Go-inspired makeup.

8. Harley Quinn


Margot Robbie dazzled us all as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad this summer. Transform into your #1 girl crush with this how-to guide.

9. Glam Deer


Because even Bambi deserves the star treatment. Find the tutorial here.

10. Mermaid


You’ll love the way fishing net is used to transform your face into scales with this tutorial.

Now, go boldly in the night, glamorous ghouls!

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