Pink’s nude, artistic pregnancy photo is breathtaking

In November, singer/songwriter and actress Pink announced that she and her husband Carey Hart are expecting their second child. Their lovely daughter Willow is already five years old, and Pink has been posting the most adorable photos of her pregnant self with Willow. The first Instagram picture that revealed her second pregnancy simply had a caption that read, “Surprise!”

We’d like to know where Pink and Willow got those matching outfits and hats, please. Pink posted yet another squeal-worthy photo of her gorgeous belly, this time with Willow’s arms wrapped around her from behind. She’s topless and beautiful, and we can’t get over her silky soft skin and glowing smile.

"the snuggle is real," she wrote along with the photo.

The jewelry, the braided hair, the henna, Willow’s cute little hands. It’s all giving us life! Pink knows how nail a photo shoot, and it seems like Willow is really excited to be a big sister.

But her pregnancy photos aren’t all professional shots. She recently posted a hilarious picture of herself in the kitchen, and there are probably moms everywhere who can relate to the struggle.

“When microwaving your decaf coffee becomes an excuse to sit on the floor and rest for a while…. #help #reststop #illjustbehereifyouneedme,” the musician wrote.

Look at that genuine smile. That’s a woman who knows how to have a laugh — and not take herself too seriously. Pink is usually a pretty private celebrity who doesn’t share too much about her personal life, but we’re really stoked she’s let us on in on these precious moments.

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